Polis VR creates custom web based virtual reality experiences for your company or organization. We streamline the creation and hosting of the experience making it easy for you to enhance your branding.



Our platforms are based on Mozilla's WebVR standard allowing our experiences to be viewed on the majority of consumer devices including current generation smartphones (through the Google Chrome web browser) and current generation XR devices like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Microsoft Hololens.


The BE Virtual Reality platform transports users into venues where they will be able to live through experiences as if they were actually present. The sights and sounds of the locations for the platform have been captured using the latest virtual reality recording and produced by our virtual designers to be not only realistic, but enjoyable in order to leave you with moments you can never forget.


The greatest joys are those that can never be replicated and thus never forgotten. Our studio works to produce immersive experiences that revolve around the users curiosity in a way that makes each interaction a memorable one.

Online Experiences Directly On Your Website

Polis has developed a web based platform that allows online virtual and augmented reality experiences to be embeded in websites and linked in emails and social media posts further increasing companies and organizations exposure to users.